Blog 014 | Duncan's June/July Round Up - Decoy Angling

Blog 014 | Duncan's June/July Round Up

I look back on the last couple of months with mixed emotions as although I love being out on the bank with friends, family and customers realise that in order to get a balance in my world of fishing, sometimes I just have to say ‘No’. 

A working way of life

Fishing for me should be a hobby, a past time where I can chill out, get some head space as well as placing a few fish on the bank, however for one thing and another, the last few months, and if I was to be honest the last few years, has seen the hobby I love diminish into a working way of life. 

DA | August has arrived, more me time!

August has arrived, more me time!

Being selfish isn’t always a bad thing

I’m not getting any younger, its time I became slightly more selfish, say no so that I can get at least a couple of sessions a week out in the open air, away from others, targeting what I constantly think about, big fish.

Massive chub

As I write this piece thoughts of a massive chub, 7lb even 8lb is embedded in my mind. I wanted to do it last year but we all know why it didn’t happen, time to make a dream a reality and act on a lifetime goal as tonight I’m off to the Thames with no desire to come home early! In fact August has started really well, the fish have graced my net yet instead of others holding them up for a trophy shot it’s me, crucians, tench, carp and yes, maybe, just maybe a very big chub?

Not a good start

It all started back in June, the start of the river season when hopes of spending time afloat on the Thames were dashed as damage to the inflatable put me on the back foot. It’s a strange feeling but one I love as once afloat any negative thoughts, whether they be work, family etc are forgotten, it’s me against the river, the fish, and it was something I was looking forward to so much. Hope is in sight that very soon we will be once again afloat and targeting huge zander, perch and whatever lurks beneath?

DA | Happy customers

Happy customers.

Making plans

June was also a time when that word ‘No’ wasn’t said enough and I look back to a busy calendar, family holidays, guided days, corporate video days, articles, all things fishy, but where was my fishing time, nowhere to be seen! Unfortunately July continued in the same vein, my best day being a charter trip  out of Portsmouth and come the end of the month I was exhausted, not feeling exactly brilliant and seriously in need of taking a step backwards and making some plans. 

DA | My first personal best for a very long time!

My first personal best for a very long time!

A bream expert

These are to concentrate on my favourite river, the Thames in search of that specimen chub. I’m on a stretch with a track record, yet these fish don’t give themselves up easily and time is something that will stack the odds in my favour. Thames barbel are also on my mind and a couple of experimental trips have shown that I’m still an expert in catching Thames bream and that the barbel need to be left well alone for quite a few weeks as the banks are just far too busy. Predators too will soon come into play.

DA | It looks great but guess what, I was working!

It looks great but guess what, I was working!

One day a week

Where am I going to find the time you ask? Well as for my guiding I really need to limit myself to one customer a week as looking back at June/July it was sometimes three a week! Great but not a healthy balance, well not for an angler and something that needed addressing immediately, especially when I look at October till the end of the year that already looks too busy! 

DA | Carp on zigs, my angling fix!

Carp on zigs, my angling fix!

Carp, my angling fix

As I previously mentioned, August has already started well which is amazing as I consider this as the worst month of the year for catching, well on the rivers anyway. Fortunately I have an answer to what might prove to be a difficult month on running water and that’s zig fishing and I have a venue right on my doorstep that responds well to this, so when conditions are favourable and I have a few hours to spare, carp will be giving me my angling fix!

Be lucky,


About Duncan Charman:

As a capable and talented angler, Duncan is widely regarded as one of the most successful all-round anglers in the UK with personal bests including a 31lb pike, 16lb 5oz barbel and 140lb catfish alongside breaking two separate British Records (silver bream and pumpkinseed). 

In the public eye, Duncan is an Ambassador to the Angling Trust, a regular writer for the biggest magazines in both the United Kingdom and Europe (Anglers's Mail, Blinker etc) and has also made appearances on Sky Sports’ Tight Lines. Duncan is also an author having written his own book - Evolution of an Angler.

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