Blog 017 | Decoy Angling's Khaki Shoulder Sling Bag

Blog 017 | Decoy Angling's Khaki Shoulder Sling Bag

I’ve been gagging to get hold of one of these ever since joining Decoy Angling, however they have been so popular that even I couldn’t grab myself one, yet a new batch is now in and I demanded one so I could give it the once over and a true initial review.

Blog 017 | Decoy Angling's Khaki Shoulder Sling Bag

The write up on the website really doesn’t do it justice  as this is really everything the mobile predator angler needs, it’s also perfect for the mobile chub/grayling angler that knows he wants to cover loads of ground with minimal kit.

Blog 017 | Decoy Angling's Khaki Shoulder Sling Bag

Weighing in at just 900g and made from heavy duty canvas you would expect it not to have loads of features, but wrong! Let’s start with the main internal pocket. This is large enough to take a number of medium sized tackle boxes full of terminal kit along with additional items like scales etc; it also has an internal pocket, great for permits etc. What I like is this internal pocket has a pull tight lock seal, so if it rains your most valuables are protected! The front zipped pocket again has enough capacity to hold numerous items and again it has an additional internal pocket as well as an outer slip in pocket. Externally to the left is a deep perforated, puller tight pocket, ideal for a bottled drink but for me it lends itself to a weigh sling, especially a wet one that can drip dry as you move on. On the right hand side it has a zipped deep pocket, the perfect size for your mobile phone. This pocket also has a couple of outer locations for additional kit suck as unhooking apparatus or small bank sticks along with an additional slip in pocket at the rear. At the top is a further zipped pocket with external vocational slip in areas for additional items. At the rear it has cushioned spots in the right areas for optimum comfort, a Velcro’s attachment for long items such as forceps and yes another zipped waterproof pocket that will easily take at least six small tackle compartment boxes.

Blog 017 | Decoy Angling's Khaki Shoulder Sling Bag

The whole system is secured by an adjustable click in overlapping hood and yes this also has a zipped pocket! The shoulder adjustable shoulder strap secures comfortably leaving your casting arm free and again this has a small securing pocket for additional kit and with a little thinking it can be secured around the waist.

Blog 017 | Decoy Angling's Khaki Shoulder Sling Bag

All in all one hell of a product from an up and coming company and no wonder it’s been difficult to get my hands on one.

If you are a mobile predator or coarse angler that travels light but wants loads of available storage as well as keeping your hands free then you have just found the ultimate product!   

At only £26.95 this must be one of the products of 2021 and it qualifies for free shipping!

Get your order in whilst stocks last!

Be lucky,


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